Break The Cycle

In my daily life, there have been many times when I recognized that I was going in cycles. There have been plenty of moments where I said to myself “wait, I’ve been in this situation before.” By definition, a cycle is “any complete round or series of occurrences that repeats or is repeated.” I haveContinue reading “Break The Cycle”

Calm Your Worries

For The past several weeks I have been reading and studying the book of Matthew. The book of Matthew is a fruitful and edifying book that looks at the life of Jesus Christ from the perspective of Jesus’ disciple Matthew. Matthew was a tax collector as well as a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. InContinue reading “Calm Your Worries”

Joy In The Morning

Recently, I have been encountering many challenges within my life. Although these challenges are helping me grow, they can become pressuring at times. It becomes easy for me to become bogged down and worried about if I can make it through the challenges I face. God will place challenges in our lives to position usContinue reading “Joy In The Morning”

Who am I Becoming?

One of my favorite things to do in my leisure time is listening to podcasts. I was listening to a podcast named Serendipity with motivational speaker Inky Johnson. Mr. Johnson said something that struck a chord with me. Inky Johnson said, “What is more important: who you become or what you acquire?” After hearing himContinue reading “Who am I Becoming?”

Do Not Let Your Friend Fall

Each person who believes in Christ is on their spiritual journey with Christ. While people are on this spiritual journey, they must have a group of people around persuading them towards spiritual development. Every believer is at a different stage in their spiritual development. Some are more disciplined and strong-minded; nevertheless, some are not asContinue reading “Do Not Let Your Friend Fall”

A Breakdown on Salvation

I have heard the word salvation plenty of times. Whether it is during a pastor’s sermon, Bible study with peers, or having prayer with others. One thing for sure is we all need salvation if we want to spend eternity with God. The truth is, not many people know what salvation is. What is salvation?Biblically,Continue reading “A Breakdown on Salvation”

Navigation Through Crisis

As most of you know, many issues are facing the United States. There are racial issues, health issues, and political issues. Like me, many of you may be left stranded on how to proactively move forward in these unjust times. Furthermore, it is important to take the necessary steps in protecting your heart from anythingContinue reading “Navigation Through Crisis”